Wedding Scrapbook


I took the book wood for one of my planners and turned it sideways. I was in a desperate hurry because I’d had a surprise visit from my Awesome Grandson. I also used the little part that usually sits in the front of the book for the spine. I had not realized they were the same sign.


I tried to match the wedding invitation. I just realized I forgot to cut the snowflakes I meant to. I used the only cold weather paper I had. I think I used 6 12×12 sheets.

Each page is a regular sheet of cardstock trimmed long ways.


I drew this from the ribbon on the invitation and cut it out with the ScanNCut. I thought it would be on the cover but the names were too big for it to fit and I did not have time to cut them out again. Smile 

I won’t count on having no surprises again, lol but I had a great time putting this together while hubby worked in the yard.


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