A new book style

I was looking at suggested video’s and I found this

Mother’s Day Paper Bag Pocket Wallet Mini Album with Steff M


I stayed up way to late last night and then as soon as I had a moment today I started crafting.



Yes I make mistakes. Notice trees are upside down.


This is what the island look like when I finished the first one that took at least 3 hours.


Second book only took 1 hour.






Forest Mini planner



Thank you Home Depot Guy with hair like my son. I appreciate you cutting my board.



Mini next to Forest Big Planner.




Bird Planner and Mini

IMG_20140918_104523  IMG_20140919_213109IMG_20140919_212921

IMG_20140919_212938IMG_20140919_212930IMG_20140919_212949IMG_20140919_212955IMG_20140919_213011 IMG_20140919_213017 IMG_20140919_213024 IMG_20140919_213036          IMG_20140919_213044

I’m happy with this little planner. E and I cut out 12 mini’s so I’m going to be busy. 🙂



Don’t believe the numbers!

I ran across another Kathy Orta video series for a Paperback Mini and it was a 2 @ 2 so I thought I’d do it in a less feminine paper. I am trying to stock up on books for Christmas time. I use WI Fi away from the house for YouTube videos because of my sad rural air card and it’s limited data plan.

Last night I asked Hubby if we could go to Chicken Express cause my 2@2 video had a 3rd. I started downloading and decided to check for a 4 just in case.

LOL and ran across this   9 videos for a 2 @ 2 ROFL. Got to admit I laughed.

I’m sure I’m not going as far as Kathy did because I was looking for what she started with, with a cover. I’m going to find out how she put her cover on when I get a minute to head into town and sit for the rest of the videos.

Here is my start. I used blue Celebrate it 1 lb bags. 3.5 x 2 in x 6.75 I found at Michael s.

IMG_20140801_100651 IMG_20140801_100705 IMG_20140801_100726 IMG_20140801_100749

I can’t express the enjoyment I get out of her ideas. Thank Kathy Orta!

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