New Books

So excited and inspired! I am making new books.


First on left all recycled. 


The inside has a planner and a pocket.

Yesterday I noticed Papercrafter 45 had a new post.

I’ve made 3 mini folios since last night.





Kings kid


London market



Paris finished


Bird Planner


I know I planned on doing the forest next but this one just took off. I added a bit more fancy to this one .


Wanted to make this page picture friendly so who ever gets it can make these above pages a bit scrapbooking.


I can not believe it started to rain right over my stump! LOL I ran inside and finished up.


Added an envelope picture pocket to this book.


DD’s Planner

I saw the video for this planner on You Tube. It’s another of the Kathy Orta creations. I had a deep desire to build it but did not want to own a planner so I created it for Darling Daughter.

So here is my version of the planner.


I wanted a month at a glance so I made a slide in frame for the little calendar I bought in the 1$ section of Michaels. The calendar is made of a heavy enough paper it slides in and the post it tabs is glued half way so the second page can slide in and out. I tried fastening it but it needs to move to much.


You can see the top tab on this page. There are four different symbols so it can be easier to find where you need to be.


The page on the left is a expanded envelope that loads from the top.


Two pages of business card storage.


DD asked for places for business cards so I came up with this using pretty paperclips for extra support.


I was going to attach the year calendar on the inside cover but decided it would get to worn there and just slipped it in the pocket.


I used an elastic band to hold the paper pad in the book.


The Paper is from The Paper Studio’s Tattered and Worn paper stack. The back cover from Our Family Tree also The Paper Studio. I bought a set of The Paper Studio’s inspirational stickers for the inside of the book.

I used assorted glues and tapes, but want to make sure no one else buys the little 3 $ on sale pack I bought. I would never buy it again. You get what you pay for was very true in this case. I’ve bought Recollections stuff often at Michaels so was very surprised at the quality.



I got two figuring my grandson could use the other glues and I’d use the adhesive tape roller. Big mistake. Both rollers broke inside.

Done with my rant for the day.

I’m trying to find a place to get scor tape without breaking the bank. I used hot glue attaching the back cover to the book and did not add the pocket that was shown in the Kathy Orta video. It has so much storage I honestly just didn’t want to bother. My DD will be using a giant rubber band to hold the book closed. I and my Grandson use the giant rubber bands on our tablets and really like them.

Don’t believe the numbers!

I ran across another Kathy Orta video series for a Paperback Mini and it was a 2 @ 2 so I thought I’d do it in a less feminine paper. I am trying to stock up on books for Christmas time. I use WI Fi away from the house for YouTube videos because of my sad rural air card and it’s limited data plan.

Last night I asked Hubby if we could go to Chicken Express cause my 2@2 video had a 3rd. I started downloading and decided to check for a 4 just in case.

LOL and ran across this   9 videos for a 2 @ 2 ROFL. Got to admit I laughed.

I’m sure I’m not going as far as Kathy did because I was looking for what she started with, with a cover. I’m going to find out how she put her cover on when I get a minute to head into town and sit for the rest of the videos.

Here is my start. I used blue Celebrate it 1 lb bags. 3.5 x 2 in x 6.75 I found at Michael s.

IMG_20140801_100651 IMG_20140801_100705 IMG_20140801_100726 IMG_20140801_100749

I can’t express the enjoyment I get out of her ideas. Thank Kathy Orta!

Halloween in June Entry


Can’t express how much I’ve enjoyed making books from PaperCrafter45’s YouTude videos. Papercrafter45

This little beauty is just 3 envelopes as the base. I used mostly scrap to put it together. I see a story in the pictures and will be finding some corresponding pictures to compliment the book.

The paper is from Recollections Night and Fall Paper Pad. I wish I’d bought two now.


The challenge asked us to use this beautiful picture in a project. I printed it on an old plastic sheet from a long gone plotter. I just love the way it shimmers. My laser printer had no problem with it at all.

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