More of my Book babies: Difference between a Large and Medium book



A large book has 6 pages. 3 of the pages are envelopes and the other 3 are fold out. Each page gets decorated then the front and back cover. It takes days to figure out what paper and what kind of embellishments. I use so much adhesive, glue and tapes. It always shocks me how much tape I’m using. Scor-tape, a big ATG, even Scotch double sided, oh and duct tape too maybe even some paper tape for decoration. IMG_20141004_055047 IMG_20141004_055100 IMG_20141004_055122 IMG_20141004_055135 IMG_20141004_055146 IMG_20141004_055152 IMG_20141004_055159 IMG_20141004_055205 IMG_20141004_055209 IMG_20141004_055213 IMG_20141004_055217 IMG_20141004_055221 IMG_20141004_055237 IMG_20141004_055242 IMG_20141004_055249 IMG_20141004_055304 IMG_20141004_055313 IMG_20141004_055323


Now here is a medium

A medium has 3 pages, one is an envelope, the other 2 pages are fold outs.

I really enjoyed these two 1950’s police box planners.

IMG_20141001_154131 IMG_20141001_154208 IMG_20141001_154231 IMG_20141001_154241 IMG_20141001_154248 IMG_20141001_154253 IMG_20141001_154303


These are a labor of love. The mediums seem like a vacation after a couple of large ones. I made a medium in 24 hours once but that was all I did while I was awake that day.  I ate standing there deciding on papers, I even got up in the middle of the night to stare at it. 🙂

I’ve always wanted to make books and thought when I started writing it would take care of the craving, but thank heavens I took that scrapbooking class!


Dr Who?

Ok anyone who knows me knows I’m a big Dr. Who fan. Tom Baker is my Dr. but so are 9,10 and 11.

I’m going on my first cruise in October and I want to advertise my Dr. Who obsession and find people who understand. 🙂 So I made myself a British Police Box tote bag. (TARDIS)

About a year ago I saw these Forks HS bags going for .50 cents and grabbed them up knowing I was going to do something that would hide what they were. (I enjoyed the books and will see the last movie but I’m not a huge fan)

Original bag

I ran out to my room and pulled out an old pair of blue jean cargo pants. I cut them up using an extra pocket for a inside pocket. One side I positioned another pocket for the back.


Lots of pockets

I spent a day putting on the windows, embroidering the top and the police box notice. This is the 10th Dr.s box a bit worn and no circle sticker on the right side.

Before and After

My Police Box Tote

I can’t wait to find out who the Who fans are. 🙂

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