Trying Cards again


I want to make cards to get rid of my book scraps.








Trying something new (for me)

I’ve not had a desire to make Cards, just a desire to receive them from my Aunt Charlotte. She makes wonderful 3D cards for all the holidays. I’ve kept them all so far. I’m going to just punch them and slip a ring in and make a memory book my kids have to toss. LOL I just can’t get rid of these works of art.


So my sis A sent me a link to card making. After the wonderful 2 craft days we had when she visited it got me thinking that these might be just the thing for quick visits.

I’m trying desperately to organize my Scrapping stuff because I’ve taken over the little cove we call a dinning room. I can stand and scrap and watch TV with hubby.

I pulled out the scrap and just saw cards in my future.


Found this MS card kit I’d bought a long time ago. The cards and envelopes are heavy duty. I don’t like the rub-on idea so I’ll be passing that along. I’m not a regular bandana look girl.


I went on line and found out how to use my MS corner and around punches’’.

(Only had them 10 years)

I also take over the island when I’m working. My sis says it’s helped me keep the island clean for the first time in my life. Smile


So I think Cards might be just the way to deal with this mountain of little scrap.

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