Quick and Dirty Purse Organizer



I made this purse late one night. It was a black hole. I’ll admit to it being after 11pm maybe later and I wanted to use the purse the next day. I also had some homemade bias tape I’d made I was really wanting to use. I headed out to the Craft room and dug in my stash.


On my original I put bias tape around the top of each piece but have realized It was not really needed. The foam is much stronger than I gave it credit.


I found some sheets of foam, the big ones 11.8×17.7 I think I got the entire pack for 50 cents. I used most of 3 pieces for this organizer.


I took a piece of the foam and held it up to purse and found it was perfect. You want it to fit it fairly tight so it stays in place. Hold up the foam both ways and eye it.



Mark the middle of your foam, ( after cutting it down if you need too, or sewing another piece to your original if you need more. My purse needed a 4 inch depth to the organizer. I marked four inches across dividing the sides and cut 2, 4 inch sides out of foam.


Then I cut middle divider using the height measurement. {C}


Side flaps attach to the middle divider { B’s  to C } (Remember you are sewing on foam so try not to go back and forth a lot you will cut the foam.




Lay any pocket out. I like a pen pocket on the divider.


For the sides I chose 4 pockets on the inside. You are not limited to my likes. Put pockets anywhere. The more you have the more stable the organizer.


I started in the middle for the pockets and sewed down then to the right pulled out then sewed the left. You have to do a little forward back stitching at tops but not too much. As I do the sides I push in a bit so I can fit in my stuff.


Just inside the B flap I cut up a little on both sides.


Attach B to the middle of the A sheet where you divided it, leave a 1/4th an inch on each side.


At this point as you pull up the sides and attach them to the B remember this is Foam and you can push it around and win. As I shove it around I keep reminding myself “I will win!)




Grab it firmly and shove it in the purse until it lays flat, then shake the purse a little.



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Noir Nora

This book was inspired by Nora who reminded me Can’t isn’t a word in my vocabulary.


Drilled out a hole with my Silent Setter tool. Used Jewelry glue with a brad then duct tape.




Trying out my new set up.

Trying out my new set up.

IMG_20141027_163521 IMG_20141027_163528

A full calendar,

IMG_20141027_163534 IMG_20141027_163538 IMG_20141027_163544 IMG_20141027_163548

Page for post its.

IMG_20141027_163553 IMG_20141027_163558 IMG_20141027_163603 IMG_20141027_163607 IMG_20141027_163617 IMG_20141027_163621 IMG_20141027_163625



Very happy with how this one turned out. It’s a bit bigger than normal but the perk is an entire calendar.

Paris finished


Paris Medium book



Spent all my Ren Faire money buying paper. Picked these out just for the Paris book.


Pulled out the parts for the book the glued it up. I use the wood so the book never shuts all the way.


I put together the start of a big book too. I need to make at least three large ones.


This is what happens when I work. I always make a huge mess.


I’m very pleased with how this turned out! It’s got a lot of freebie extra tags.

More of my Book babies: Difference between a Large and Medium book



A large book has 6 pages. 3 of the pages are envelopes and the other 3 are fold out. Each page gets decorated then the front and back cover. It takes days to figure out what paper and what kind of embellishments. I use so much adhesive, glue and tapes. It always shocks me how much tape I’m using. Scor-tape, a big ATG, even Scotch double sided, oh and duct tape too maybe even some paper tape for decoration. IMG_20141004_055047 IMG_20141004_055100 IMG_20141004_055122 IMG_20141004_055135 IMG_20141004_055146 IMG_20141004_055152 IMG_20141004_055159 IMG_20141004_055205 IMG_20141004_055209 IMG_20141004_055213 IMG_20141004_055217 IMG_20141004_055221 IMG_20141004_055237 IMG_20141004_055242 IMG_20141004_055249 IMG_20141004_055304 IMG_20141004_055313 IMG_20141004_055323


Now here is a medium

A medium has 3 pages, one is an envelope, the other 2 pages are fold outs.

I really enjoyed these two 1950’s police box planners.

IMG_20141001_154131 IMG_20141001_154208 IMG_20141001_154231 IMG_20141001_154241 IMG_20141001_154248 IMG_20141001_154253 IMG_20141001_154303


These are a labor of love. The mediums seem like a vacation after a couple of large ones. I made a medium in 24 hours once but that was all I did while I was awake that day.  I ate standing there deciding on papers, I even got up in the middle of the night to stare at it. 🙂

I’ve always wanted to make books and thought when I started writing it would take care of the craving, but thank heavens I took that scrapbooking class!

Forest Mini planner



Thank you Home Depot Guy with hair like my son. I appreciate you cutting my board.



Mini next to Forest Big Planner.




Bird Planner and Mini

IMG_20140918_104523  IMG_20140919_213109IMG_20140919_212921

IMG_20140919_212938IMG_20140919_212930IMG_20140919_212949IMG_20140919_212955IMG_20140919_213011 IMG_20140919_213017 IMG_20140919_213024 IMG_20140919_213036          IMG_20140919_213044

I’m happy with this little planner. E and I cut out 12 mini’s so I’m going to be busy. 🙂



Bird Planner


I know I planned on doing the forest next but this one just took off. I added a bit more fancy to this one .


Wanted to make this page picture friendly so who ever gets it can make these above pages a bit scrapbooking.


I can not believe it started to rain right over my stump! LOL I ran inside and finished up.


Added an envelope picture pocket to this book.


Working on books but not writing them?

I’ve got three covers made and glued. Two of the books I forgot to put Tyvek in and had to back track but I’m a firm believer in “Not a Problem,” attitude on my crafting.


Two little front books and one 1950’s British Police box book.


Here’s the Forest Book. I did a FB Pole and it won. I did do a mini planner before it but the muse took control.


I just love this book if I were going to keep one it would be this but not happening. 🙂

New again?

I didn’t go back to bed after sending Hubby to work but did this instead. IMG_20140822_064438 IMG_20140822_064456 IMG_20140822_064547

Got to admit I’m surprised. I thought I’d do a big book next. Now my paper poll is all thrown off.

It’s made out of the extra little bits we cut the other day. It’s the size of the fold over piece on the big planner. Taking it to the store today to see if I can find a paper pad that will fit it.

Ok it’s about 5pm and this is what I’ve done.


I’ve not used up every bit of space.


Need to decide on a closer.


Left page is an envelope at the top too.


Again envelope at top.


Dollar two year calender.


Lace looking area is a pocket and right area has a slide in pocket.


Little slide in pockets and a scrap paper pad.



I have one more coat of Modge Podge and then I need to trinket it up and add stickers.

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