I enjoy new things.

My daughter left some empty crayon boxes on the island in my kitchen. I absconded with them.


I kept seeing really cute tag boxes for photos.



I think I’ve managed to make what i envisioned.


I made hubby take me shopping for some extra ribbon to finish the tails.


You pull the tags out then when you are done you pull the tails and reset the tags into the box.




A new book style

I was looking at suggested video’s and I found this

Mother’s Day Paper Bag Pocket Wallet Mini Album with Steff M


I stayed up way to late last night and then as soon as I had a moment today I started crafting.



Yes I make mistakes. Notice trees are upside down.


This is what the island look like when I finished the first one that took at least 3 hours.


Second book only took 1 hour.





New Business Cards


I’m a big fan of Shutterfly.com I’ve gotten a number of books made. I started from the year I got a digital camera. I have 2004-2008 at the moment. My husband mentioned he missed real photo’s so he gets them for presents.

Well they gave me a free deck of cards.

I really enjoy things that are a little different. If you haven’t visited my web site please do. I would love to hear from you.


Quick Experiment


I purchased a huge dictionary at the library book sale. Here’s a new note book😁 I’ve never purposely pulled a book apart before.

What I did when I couldn’t sleep

I woke up worrying about a person I don’t even know. I prayed for her then went ahead and got up here’s what I did.


I find myself making small projects lately.

Packing tape transfer

How come I never heard of this? !

I was watching an Art Journal tutorial today and saw this Packing tape transfer method and had to share it.

Find a magazine and cut out a pretty picture. Grab the clear packing tape and cut a piece long enough to go the length (or width) lay it sticky side down on the table then cut another if you need the size carefully overlap with no mess up.

Take your picture facing business side down. Slowly lower the picture onto the tape and rube it smooth. I use the handle of my scissors or a bone folder to make sure everything is attached well and smoothly.

Lay the picture in water. I have some deep dishes and chose to use one.


Give it 15 min to 1/2 and hour if you want it easy if you are in a rush you can start quicker. turn the tape and paper and turn it to the back and start rubbing. The paper comes right off and your picture has transferred to the tape.





This is the result OH SO COOL!


I can’t believe how vivid the picture comes out.

Exciting Contest

Sewing cases


Give it a try, but I’m going to win it !


Polar Fleece fingerless gloves

5$ a pair

I was introduced to fingerless gloves and fell in love. I have 3 pairs of the flower print and 10 of the black. If you have a black coat or cuff the black looks like an extension of your coat. If you don’t need the palm just slip your thumb through and use it like a tube. Each glove is fitted in the palm to make it warmer.

I’m offering my first batch for 5$ a pair. I’ll be making more with the money I get for these.

email me at :

Laura (at) lauraemmons (dot) com

if you are interested.





Better picture of the color of the flower print.

There might be an add under this notice and I have no control over it. Sorry


Steampunk Sweepstakes


steam punk


Click picture to go to Sweepstakes site.

I have nothing to do with Ads under my post sorry. 😦

Posting from my Google Nexus 7

I downloaded the WordPress app for my tablet. Now let’s see if I can use it?

My husband and I were sitting at the chicken place talking about finger prints on my tablet screen and a young man sitting near suggest a gorilla screen. I’m going to look into it because the fingerprints are driving me crazy.

I’m enjoying Phantom of the Opera on PBS its the Albert Hall stage production (25 yr Ann) .


My hubby came through as I was bellowing the male part, lol I am so not a saprano I miss singing with my DD. We used to sing all the time, while watching movies.


I have to admit I always root for the Phantom, Raul just annoys me.
“Make your choice!”

Guess that would be why I write dark romance where the bad guy gets the girl and all the money.

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