A new book style

I was looking at suggested video’s and I found this

Mother’s Day Paper Bag Pocket Wallet Mini Album with Steff M


I stayed up way to late last night and then as soon as I had a moment today I started crafting.



Yes I make mistakes. Notice trees are upside down.


This is what the island look like when I finished the first one that took at least 3 hours.


Second book only took 1 hour.






New Books

So excited and inspired! I am making new books.


First on left all recycled. 


The inside has a planner and a pocket.

Yesterday I noticed Papercrafter 45 had a new post.

I’ve made 3 mini folios since last night.





Kings kid


London market


Book of Thanks




Love my new Martha Stewart Frame punches!


Pages from a magazine just were right for this book.

I used the negative of my tags from my ScanNCut as a paper holder for move notes. The little Wasabi tape page is a handmade (store bought) paper.


I got excited when I ran across a bag of dollies.


Another Negative to hold a tag this time.


I watched a tutorial on stamping tissue paper and got so excited I started right away.


I’m probably not going to ModPodge a page of this bible again. I’m going to try to find the acrylic medium I’ve been told about. It has a clear envelope stuck to it for free tags. It just feels brittle.


Found the flower punchout paper today and it fixed the only page I didn’t like.

Oh and I love the clock junk mail I got and saved.


Belly Band! Love me my Martha Stewart punches. The hearts are Post its.



I was watching a EphemerasGarden video  interpretation of Ray Blake’s Midori Tutorial. Her Elastic Binding was so simple I thought I can do that! Here’s what I came up with.

It’s a book for posting little bits of happiness. Blessing, thanks, just good thoughts.  I’ve also been inspired by 365 days of Thanks.

I remember watching an art journal post where the woman writes private thoughts in her book then writes over it again and again to keep it private.

Paris finished


Paris Medium book



Spent all my Ren Faire money buying paper. Picked these out just for the Paris book.


Pulled out the parts for the book the glued it up. I use the wood so the book never shuts all the way.


I put together the start of a big book too. I need to make at least three large ones.


This is what happens when I work. I always make a huge mess.


I’m very pleased with how this turned out! It’s got a lot of freebie extra tags.

More of my Book babies: Difference between a Large and Medium book



A large book has 6 pages. 3 of the pages are envelopes and the other 3 are fold out. Each page gets decorated then the front and back cover. It takes days to figure out what paper and what kind of embellishments. I use so much adhesive, glue and tapes. It always shocks me how much tape I’m using. Scor-tape, a big ATG, even Scotch double sided, oh and duct tape too maybe even some paper tape for decoration. IMG_20141004_055047 IMG_20141004_055100 IMG_20141004_055122 IMG_20141004_055135 IMG_20141004_055146 IMG_20141004_055152 IMG_20141004_055159 IMG_20141004_055205 IMG_20141004_055209 IMG_20141004_055213 IMG_20141004_055217 IMG_20141004_055221 IMG_20141004_055237 IMG_20141004_055242 IMG_20141004_055249 IMG_20141004_055304 IMG_20141004_055313 IMG_20141004_055323


Now here is a medium

A medium has 3 pages, one is an envelope, the other 2 pages are fold outs.

I really enjoyed these two 1950’s police box planners.

IMG_20141001_154131 IMG_20141001_154208 IMG_20141001_154231 IMG_20141001_154241 IMG_20141001_154248 IMG_20141001_154253 IMG_20141001_154303


These are a labor of love. The mediums seem like a vacation after a couple of large ones. I made a medium in 24 hours once but that was all I did while I was awake that day.  I ate standing there deciding on papers, I even got up in the middle of the night to stare at it. 🙂

I’ve always wanted to make books and thought when I started writing it would take care of the craving, but thank heavens I took that scrapbooking class!

Bird Planner


I know I planned on doing the forest next but this one just took off. I added a bit more fancy to this one .


Wanted to make this page picture friendly so who ever gets it can make these above pages a bit scrapbooking.


I can not believe it started to rain right over my stump! LOL I ran inside and finished up.


Added an envelope picture pocket to this book.


2nd Tardis Bag

I made two tote bags for my trip then gave them to my daughter. LOL So I decided to try my new embroidery on a large piece of fabric so I could turn it into a large bag if it turned out nice.

There was a slight glitch but I’m a firm believer in not letting my sewing get to me. I sewed the lining on inside out.


instead of getting angry I just cut it off. I didn’t have someone to sit and reverse sew with me (razor blade cutting out stitches.)


It was fast and easy and caused no problem in this simple bag.

I couldn’t be happier with how this turned out.


A book is like the TARDIS bigger on the inside!


Another picture of the first Tardis bag. I like using wild material in these bags mimicking the wildness of The Doctor’s ship.








Monster books

I finally finished up my 3 monster books. I needed to put in a bit of ribbon to cover some raw edges.

I love the holes in the jeans knees.

I thought I was making another purse, Surprise!

I guess I should thank the aggravations going on in my life making me feel like jumping out of my skin for this creative spurt. I thought I was cutting up jeans to make a purse. If I knew how to put one picture in, then more text I would place the face that worked itself around a hole in a pair of jeans. But I don’t so look below. 🙂 I will learn this soon. I took the time to find out how to use a larger font. !!

I laid out the face and brought it in to sew and realized this would be too small for a purse. I remembered the two books I covered and found another blank book (Target $1.00 area on sale for .50cents) and pulled it out and sized it. PERFECT

Ok so I don’t know how I did this. LOL

I used the sewing machine to get the parts attatched’; eyes, teeth tongue and the backing behind the mouth and one eye. The material was just enough for the front so I ran out and grabbed a bit more material and a inside pocket I’d cut out.

I had to rip the pocket off after one wrong row but I’ve learned that this is reverse sewing and that is not a bad thing. Everyone does it. 🙂 (Thanks Nancy Zimmerman)

I use E-6000 for my book covers and man does it stink. I use an old credit card to spread the glue evenly. Then the book lives in the craft room for a few days.

I’ll add a picture after I’ve cut down the top and bottom and glued the inside. Now back to praying, it’s a challenge to keep forgiving (in faith) when it’s so personal but I will not stop until I can honestly say I’ve forgiven. 🙂

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