Packing tape transfer

How come I never heard of this? !

I was watching an Art Journal tutorial today and saw this Packing tape transfer method and had to share it.

Find a magazine and cut out a pretty picture. Grab the clear packing tape and cut a piece long enough to go the length (or width) lay it sticky side down on the table then cut another if you need the size carefully overlap with no mess up.

Take your picture facing business side down. Slowly lower the picture onto the tape and rube it smooth. I use the handle of my scissors or a bone folder to make sure everything is attached well and smoothly.

Lay the picture in water. I have some deep dishes and chose to use one.


Give it 15 min to 1/2 and hour if you want it easy if you are in a rush you can start quicker. turn the tape and paper and turn it to the back and start rubbing. The paper comes right off and your picture has transferred to the tape.





This is the result OH SO COOL!


I can’t believe how vivid the picture comes out.


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