Quick and Dirty Purse Organizer



I made this purse late one night. It was a black hole. I’ll admit to it being after 11pm maybe later and I wanted to use the purse the next day. I also had some homemade bias tape I’d made I was really wanting to use. I headed out to the Craft room and dug in my stash.


On my original I put bias tape around the top of each piece but have realized It was not really needed. The foam is much stronger than I gave it credit.


I found some sheets of foam, the big ones 11.8×17.7 I think I got the entire pack for 50 cents. I used most of 3 pieces for this organizer.


I took a piece of the foam and held it up to purse and found it was perfect. You want it to fit it fairly tight so it stays in place. Hold up the foam both ways and eye it.



Mark the middle of your foam, ( after cutting it down if you need too, or sewing another piece to your original if you need more. My purse needed a 4 inch depth to the organizer. I marked four inches across dividing the sides and cut 2, 4 inch sides out of foam.


Then I cut middle divider using the height measurement. {C}


Side flaps attach to the middle divider { B’s  to C } (Remember you are sewing on foam so try not to go back and forth a lot you will cut the foam.




Lay any pocket out. I like a pen pocket on the divider.


For the sides I chose 4 pockets on the inside. You are not limited to my likes. Put pockets anywhere. The more you have the more stable the organizer.


I started in the middle for the pockets and sewed down then to the right pulled out then sewed the left. You have to do a little forward back stitching at tops but not too much. As I do the sides I push in a bit so I can fit in my stuff.


Just inside the B flap I cut up a little on both sides.


Attach B to the middle of the A sheet where you divided it, leave a 1/4th an inch on each side.


At this point as you pull up the sides and attach them to the B remember this is Foam and you can push it around and win. As I shove it around I keep reminding myself “I will win!)




Grab it firmly and shove it in the purse until it lays flat, then shake the purse a little.



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