Ok Everyone let’s say SPOILED.


Hubby took me to Longview TX today so I could see the Brother ScanNCut.

We visited Sharman’s and I got to touch it!!!

I guess I should explain Hubby saw this very cool toy at Hancock’s Fabric when I was picking up a shorts pattern for Grandson.


He took me back from the door to see this cool thing. I haven’t stopped talking about it since I saw it. Every moment I’m near Wi-Fi I’m looking at Videos. Smile 

I found out Sharman’s was a dealer so I asked out right to go have lunch at Papacita’s and visit the Sewing store.

Mom, Daughter, Grandson and I hopped in the car with hubby and had a wonderful lunch at Papacita’s before heading to Sharman’s.

Got to admit the fabric demo didn’t go well, but I’d already seen many videos so I knew it did work. They were using a very old mat and the original blade they’d been demoing on since they opened the box. I pulled out the paper I’d brought to try out and asked her to use it.

A little blue flower and I was sold. Then she let me touch it and I cut a word into an old plotter sheet I about jumped up and down.


I didn’t change the blade depth from paper so the letters stayed in the plastic paper and I just love it.

Needless to say Hubby said buy it! I didn’t argue I whipped out the Card and said charge it!

Congrats daughter for winning the bet that I’d bring one home. To bad Mom. Smile

Even before the family was fully out of the driveway I was unpacking the box.


My new toy.

First cutFirst try

This is my first cut.


Here’s my second.

I’m going to use this on a special little family book for Grandson.


I cut out a Scrapbook frame from a sheet of red paper. I used the scrap on a plain sheet to make a negative page.


Left overs after cutting out complicated page Grandson asked me to cut out for him.


I got this pattern from the included book. “Cut up this book.” Grandson said, “It’s from Frozen, you know Olaf’s song about Reindeers.” Then he started singing the song to me.

It only gave me half so I had to scan, copy, flip, meld and cleanup. Hard when your Corel Photo Paint is so old it’s Antique. (Photo Paint 10)

I cut it out of regular black construction paper and will never do that again. It wasn’t heavy enough. I’m going to use spray adhesive to attach it to a sheet of plotter acetate so it can be hung at a window.

This tool has just replaced every punch I have. They will all be moving to daughter. What’s weird is this will take up less space.

I’ve been spoiled well today and am exhausted.

Thank you Hubby!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Alice
    May 29, 2014 @ 23:58:44

    Yea I love it! Can’t wait to play


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