Wire Wrapping Ear Cuffs

I hope you enjoy this guest post:

By: Deborah Harwell


Copyright © 2013


Items you will need for this piece:

Measuring tape in Inches, Wire cutter

Needle nose pliers preferably rubber

Tipped, and wire, 20 gauge round.


Step 1.

Cut three even pieces of wire

10 in long.

This should give you a little extra

so you Can size it to your ear.


Step 2.

Cut 2 pieces 1 inch long.


Step 3. Take the 3, 10 inch metal

pieces and layer them with a ½ inch gap


Step 4.

Take one 1 inch piece of metal and wrap it

around 3, 10 inch pieces. About 3 inches



It should look like this

when wrapped.


Step 5.

Round out the wire to look like this.

Step 6.

Find the spot marked in the

Picture and wrap the second

1 inch piece of wire here.


It should look like this when done.


Step 7.

Curl The top and bottom

with your pliers.


Step 8.

You are almost done

loop the wire on your ear

and bend to desired shape.

Congratulations! Your finished piece should look something like this.


You can adjust the size of

The loops how it feels

comfortable on you.

I’d love to hear from you.


(Excuse any adds I have no control over them. Laura)


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