Minion Pillow


My hubby and I were at the store the other day and found this in one of the coin machines.


I knew what my next project was going to be.

I made hubby stop at our local Hancocks and ran in while he played Trap! on my tablet.


I picked up a 1/4 a yard of yellow polar fleece. I brought a coupon but it was already on sale.


I cut it in four chunks and found out later I could have used even less. I didn’t make a pattern and just winged it. I should have but I just wanted to create not work out problems. LOL we all know a bit of pre planning makes it easier not harder.


I went out into my stash and grabbed some denim and scrap 1$ material.

I sat down at my computer and used my 5D Embroidery software to produce a circle for Minion Stuart’s goggle.


I had to do a test to see what size the circle was going to end up being. I need to go in and take a few classes and learn more about this software but it’s an hour drive to my sewing machine shop.



I realized I needed an eye ball


I grabbed a square of fleece I had sitting around for a quiet book I plan on making and cut out a chunk. I sized it

I slapped together the body (resized it 3 times) and added a scrap fabric backing because I know the fleece and denim are very stretchy.


I stitched the denim seam allowance to the denim side. and did the same to the slice of black material I ran out and found. (I have a real fabric addiction)


Everything was just hit and miss this time, but I must admit I did try using a ruler at one point.


I could not get a good picture of the brown for Stuarts eye and believe me I tried.

I realized I was going to have to have many layers for this cute little guy.


Yes all this material was laying around the craft room waiting to be used. I said it was a serious addiction didn’t I? Lots of layers and trimming with my funny looking scissors. I had to hold down the eyeball during the embroidery process and then satin stitch it after the goggle was added.

P1019701 I cut up some denim making a back I could pull the foam out of. The foam was from a medicine package I get every 90 days. I can’t bring myself to throw them away.


I added overalls with buttons. (UGH Hand sewing) I realize now I forgot the mouth but honestly he didn’t need it.

I might make more of these but next time I will draw up a pattern first. I do learn eventually.


I’m very happy with how it turned out.


I have no control of any adds on this page. Sad smile


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