Tablet speakers

I’ve spent the last hour buying and returning speakers so I can boost the volume of my tablets audio reader. I think the audio player I have is decreasing my sound so I’ll buy it instead of using the free version. I guess I’m going to go try some others.

I already own the little cube (as seen on TV) . It has the same volume as my tablet speakers.


It was not boosting enough to do my dishes and listen to a book.
I realize I could search out the old mp3 player but it only holds half a book and is hard to use. coby

I tried G Zip and I Home I returned both. The cube I’ve had for a year had approximately the same volume.

g zipihome

I have in the past used the little HP speakers but I have to connect the USB to a computer, hp-mini-usb-speakers

my tablet a Google Nexus 7 doesn’t power the speakers.

Google Nexus 7 PR shot1-580-100

If anyone is curious I still love it. I use it every day. When the grandson is visiting it keeps him occupied on the trip from town.

We picked my husband a Galaxy Tab 2 for about 160 $ at Sams Club and promptly returned it. It just wasn’t able to play the simple games. When I typed on it I was constantly having to press the button 4 or more times even with a stylus. I did really like the word recognition but it you can’t type….




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  1. Alice
    Jul 10, 2013 @ 12:47:36

    Did you find one?


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