To Rebate Or Not to Rebate?



Over the last number of years we’ve stopped doing specials with rebates.

When our washer broke there just happened to be a rebate on our washer. Or so we were told.

I just got a letter in the mail saying that it was not qualified. Well I don’t just toss the letter and go on. I called up Lowe’s and pressed. I kept a calm voice and asked why.

“Cause of the fine print,” was basically the answer.

“I don’t see any fine print?”

“Well it says on qualifying… and it didn’t qualify but it’s not listed on the paper.”

LOL so I asked to be bumped up to the manager to explain this to me because I didn’t get it.

“OK, I’ll give you a one time…it was only a 50$ rebate card…”

“Wow well thank you,” I gushed. “I didn’t expect that.”


OK so I just lied to her.

I did expect them to honor the rebate and I did think they were trying to get out of paying me. It’s why we stopped doing rebates. Offer it, draw the people in, then cry technicality and refuse.

Been there done that, learned to keep a calm pleasant tone commiserate with them but be firm and insistent. Go over their heads and keep a smile in your voice.

Thank you Lowe’s rebate lady for giving in so fast.

Keep your papers and receipts people and call them on lies.


No there is not a real reason for the flowers except it’s spring in Texas and I don’t like blogs without photos. Smile


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