Not for the Guys or squeamish Women

You were warned!

Ok I have a friend who thinks she might be allergic to pads and such. I went around the internet searching and found a number of examples of the problem so yesterday I made up my first trial.

Yes I’m making menstrual pads. I know!

I found this site and it seemed to have it all.

I made Adahy’s round pad. It has a polar fleece pad under the pad to stop wicking.


The round part has water proof material inside.


I made a nice little case for it to shove in your purse with a ziplock bag.


There are wings and I used Velcro for ease of use. I’ve only made two pads until we find out if this is the style that she wants.


I printed Adahy’s patterns and used mod podge to attach them to an old JCPenneys box.

I’ll be making the other two shortly and packing them all up to send out. Should I post them or avoid this topic in the future?

Ok so now that I’ve shared too much, WEG you can go on with your day.


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  1. DSC-0098
    Mar 21, 2013 @ 18:57:17

    Hey this is impressive. No one should be ashamed. I never evn thought about someone being allergic, now that would be so terrible. Good job on finding a solution!


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