The Headless Monks, Head Purse

Travelers Bag Inspired #2

I made a bag inspired by a pattern on the internet but couldn’t help but change it. I’m that way all the time. Smile

The second one I made got so thick I couldn’t sew it? Too many pockets, way to many pockets. It’s been sitting around waiting for an idea. Well I had one. I cut off the gusset taps I’d made and added a rectangle bottom.


It’s wider so I can hold my Nexus 7 Tablet and not worry about it tipping out. It’s made for my by me so it has an extra long strap.

I’ve decided to name this one. LOL I just watched River Song’s Wedding on Dr. Who and it inspired the name.

The Headless Monk Head Purse


You Whovians will get it. The rest of you should go rent Dr. Who and find out what I’m talking about.

I needed some non-bias tape and it was so easy to just grab my bias tape maker machine and crank it out. Woo hoo. I like easy.


I finally got to the store and bought a huge (2 1/2″) button blank (half ball cover button) and covered it. I used a metal bobbin that I had hanging around to give it a deeper shank.



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