Bias Tape Maker and Cutter

The package finally arrived. I bought the Singer Bias Tape maker and the Cutter.


It was amazing how quickly I had a spool of bias tape on a roll.

In the past I’ve made bias tape while watching TV and it was a long painful process.

Today I just ran out to the material stash and grabbed up a large piece and hacked off about a yard. Smile I ironed it got it straight then cut it on the bias.


Here’s a good bias tape tutorial

Then I read the very short, how to use the machine, changed the blade, then started cutting. LOL it was so wobbly. I think if I were going to buy this to cut quilt strips I’d plan on making at least 5 yards worth of material into bias tape first to get a straight line.

A third hand would have helped, but we are talking bias tape and perfection is not a must.


Next I pulled out the $ tips I got in the clearance section at Wal-Mart and tried the biggest

1 1/4 then I realized it was a Quilting Binding not a bias tape tip. It didn’t like running through the machine and made bad noises. I’m going to peek at Youtube and see if I can find out what the problem is here. So I took that bunch out and used the iron.


I love the machine and plan on getting a few more actual bias tape tips. It seems everything baby likes lots of bias tape.


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