Computer died before Christmas Learning Win 8

I try to always backup. I have a Book hard drive hooked up at all times. I don’t use the Windows backup since I tried to recover with it last time. It was a huge mess. So when the computer died I was backedup. I still was glad when it wasn’t the hard drive that went out.

I have a lot of music and an enormous amount of pictures. I run 3 or 4 slide show gadgets all the time on my gadget bar. One is family the others are scavenged character photos (read hot guys).

I got stuck with Windows 8 because of my timing. It was like getting my first touch phone. (I had to call to figure out how to turn it on). I had to go to the tutorials to figure out how to turn Win 8 off.


I think if I had a touch monitor it might be a easier but I’m using a mouse. My first job was loading up the computer with my programs.

Word 2003

Corel Photo Paint and Draw

Then my printers, Both had to have new drivers uploaded. I have a Lexmark to print photos and just got a black and white laser for printing out manuscripts. The Lord provided an after Thanksgiving sale of 49$ on the laser. The ink when not on sale will run 2 cents a sheet compared to 25 cents for the inkjet.

I popped on a number of little games, Bejeweled, Chuzzles, Super Collapse, and of course my Hoyle card and Board games. I couldn’t do without Spite and Malice and Rummy Cube.

I was amazed that I had no problems with the games. I really expected problems.

Now to education

I pinned a number of webpages to Pintrest then took the time to read them. I must admit they really did help. This is a entirely new animal.

I just don’t understand why the geeks at Microsoft took out the Start Bar. It’s been the hardest part of this experience.

I can download an app (Program) to give me a sorta Start bar but I haven’t yet.

When I realized that Gadgets were not supported I again googled and found out I could download App’s (Programs) to give me them back. I really just can’t do without my guys flashing by as I write.

I also found it hard not having a clock gadget right there all the time. I downloaded another App that gave me a very cool see through clock that is huge.


I’m using my old (less than a year) hard drive (2T) to store my music and loads of photos. I’m going to try to have all my years of family photos accessible for my screen saver through it. I have to get used to turning on the external hard drive before the computer.

The computer I got HP Pavilion p6-2327c has lots of room but no bay for a second hard drive. Eventually I’m going to have my hubby figure out a homemade bay. Until then it’s just sitting in a case on top of the computer.


I’m using Media Player for my music. I have to have music! It’s the last picture on the right. I downloaded the Picture Viz Visualization to go with Media player. It allows me to have an even bigger picture slideshow while I listen to my music.


It’s been over a month

I still don’t understand the lack of a start button and the need to move shut down from the left to right? UGH

Hubby got a new computer when he saw I could play Just Cause 2 on mine. Giggle. So NEW used monitor!!

Jumped for joy! I kept my old monitor and now have two yes two monitors. I don’t keep the small one on all the time but I use it often. I feel like such a geek.

I love the faster startup and shutdown of Win 8 but never use the fancy front page. I click to Desktop right away and go on with my work. It really reminds me of Microsoft Bob, (I still have a copy).

I put a folder on my desktop with shortcuts to everything I use. I need to just go get one of the Startup button programs but keep forgetting. Smile

I do not look forward to teaching this to family as they upgrade but we have no choice, do we?



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