September Sewing

First I’m so excited about two purchases I made the last two days. Sarah T a FB friend who helped he in pricing embroidery suggested a UK Machine Embroidery shop when I asked for suggestions on finding an Old Time Police Box.

Claire immediately had an Old Police box it had 18889 stitches and it came out wonderfully but it took a long time and I was short two colors.


I’ve sewn it on a canvasy material and it will be a large bag for my cruise. I want to find Whovians to talk too. 🙂

I will use it often but then she agreed to make me an appliqué the next day she had one ready for me.


I used old blue jean for what will be a purse I backed it with a heavy interfacing but it was not iron on. The Police box was a very elastic blue mystery material I bought for 1$ a yard. in the middle I was afraid it was ruined because it stretched too much but by the end it came out perfect. When I do this again I’ll use an iron on interfacing

for the Police box so I don’t have a scare.

I did do a bit more this month. A family member accidently washed her new rayon gauze shirt and it hid in the sheets and was tossed in the dryer. It shrunk up unbelievably so I asked if I could have it. I cut off the heavy lace that embellished it and turned it into a shrug for some of my many spaghetti strapped shirts.




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