The Oleander plant in front of  Ta Molly’s has caught my eye the last couple of times I saw it and I’ve been bugging my awesome office manager sister who works for Landscaping business to tell me what it was. I saw it again today and even called another friend who eats at Ta Molly’s often hoping her or her husband might know. I sent way to many pictures to both and now I’m so happy I can name it.

Don’t be surprised if you see one of these in my yard. I looked it up and it’s a desert plant. Perfect for my yard. It’s a desert plant and should work well on my iron ore hill of a yard.

The botanical name for the oleander is Nerium oleander. Oleander is pronounced: oh-lee-an-dr. Oleanders are evergreen shrubs in the dogbane family.

I’m a little worried that it might run off any visiting Werewolves but hey a girls got to have her flowers.

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