Little pouch for mini binder.

I did a little sewing this evening. I’ve been in a crafty mood almost all day. I needed some small pouches to go in mini binders. If you fold your regular paper in half it fits in a mini binder.

I picked my material (I have this in three colors), pulled out my zipper bin  and grabbed a little peltex scrap from my postcards.

Material, zipper and Peltex scrap

I’ve gotten used to zippers so I just slapped it on the material and sewed it in. I won’t mention the 3 needles I broke going from the zipper foot to the zig zag stitch. OMGosh again and again. 🙂

Sew in zipper 

Make sure when you sew the sides to open the zipper as you are about to sew it closed. (Yes I forgot and only had an inch,)

Cut peltex to size

Slide it far in the larger side.

Iron as it says on the label

My Grommet box

Position the holes carefully

Use the hole cutter tool on a piece of wood. Don’t be afraid to whack it hard. I find concrete is the best place to do this.

Cutting tool

Putting the Grommets in

Finally found this one worked best.

I did have to whack the bottom off with the hammer but it made the best looking Grommets.

All three done.


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