Working in the Craft room

I’ve been out in the Craft Room Working. If I can get organized I can do what I need to faster. I enjoy walking out into the room and being able to just turn and pull out a marked bin and find what I’m looking for.

If you know me well you know I am a slob. I blame it on my need to make something often while my material of choice is re-purposed stuff. I have piles of jeans cut and some waiting to be cut.  I also have parts for a number of different crafts.

My goal is to have a pretty but efficient room to come to when I need supplies. I find it almost impossible to pay full price for anything. It just seems like a win when I can pull out a part and think this is a 5$ part I got for a quarter. It makes the creating seem even more.

I really like the matching labels

Now I have to work on this.


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