Credit Card Holder

I’ve been using just a large wallet since I hurt my shoulder. I decided I have to have a real purse.

I asked around and couldn’t find a credit Card/Picture holder so I called my Niece asked her advice and made my own. (Thanks Sam)

Start with Real Duct Tape not the cheap imitations.

I pulled out a card from my wallet and cut duct tape a bit bigger than the card and an edge.

I wanted a fancy edge so I used two colors and folded down a little of the top.

I used my cutting board to line up the little strips of duct tape.

I happened to have some thick clear vinyl in my stash. My niece said not to use clear duct tape it breaks down quickly. You could use scrap plastic too. My niece uses packing tape.

 I made a frame, sized it with the card. If I were to do it again I would back this with a bit of card board. The rest of the credit card holder is much thicker than the bottom where the picture holder is.

I just lined this up at the bottom.

I used the card and made sure of the size I wanted the openings. I used my mat and the ruler to line up the duct tape.

Repeat on the other side, keep that card close.

Press down all the tape before you turn it. This is where I would add the little cardboard insert behind the picture frame.

Now start building from the top down on the back.

Layer the duct tape down again and keep an eye out to line up the second frame. I had to pull off two lines because I went too far.

I cut off some of the extra then folded over the duct tape to enclose the parts. Press well up and down both sides getting into all the depressions.

Trip the top and bottom and sides I used scissors but you could use a razor blade.

I taped the bottom together flipped and trimmed carefully.

I was very surprised that it was easy to cut this with my scissors. Trim this up double checking the size of the pockets.

I then did one more layer of the blue duct tape. I cut the duct tape down the middle with a razor blade. and used it to finish the right and left side.

You can see here that the bottom is very thin in comparison. It’s very sturdy.

I can’t believe how many cards I have, some of these are doubled.

I doodled on the family then decided they might be apposed so I just cut them out to avoid grumpy family.

I hope you got something out of my little Duct Tape Credit Card Holder. If you did a like and a comment would make my day.

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3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Michele
    Jun 20, 2012 @ 13:29:20

    Very cool. Love the step by step!


  2. Cheryl
    Jun 21, 2012 @ 12:38:11

    Lovely card holder! I enjoy making things out of duct tape and made a card holder out of duct tape too (not as many compartments as yours though). If you’re interested, you can check ’em out at 🙂


  3. lauraemmons
    Sep 29, 2012 @ 03:36:09

    I’ve retired the card holder already. The cards started sticking. UGH!


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