I thought I was making another purse, Surprise!

I guess I should thank the aggravations going on in my life making me feel like jumping out of my skin for this creative spurt. I thought I was cutting up jeans to make a purse. If I knew how to put one picture in, then more text I would place the face that worked itself around a hole in a pair of jeans. But I don’t so look below. 🙂 I will learn this soon. I took the time to find out how to use a larger font. !!

I laid out the face and brought it in to sew and realized this would be too small for a purse. I remembered the two books I covered and found another blank book (Target $1.00 area on sale for .50cents) and pulled it out and sized it. PERFECT

Ok so I don’t know how I did this. LOL

I used the sewing machine to get the parts attatched’; eyes, teeth tongue and the backing behind the mouth and one eye. The material was just enough for the front so I ran out and grabbed a bit more material and a inside pocket I’d cut out.

I had to rip the pocket off after one wrong row but I’ve learned that this is reverse sewing and that is not a bad thing. Everyone does it. 🙂 (Thanks Nancy Zimmerman)

I use E-6000 for my book covers and man does it stink. I use an old credit card to spread the glue evenly. Then the book lives in the craft room for a few days.

I’ll add a picture after I’ve cut down the top and bottom and glued the inside. Now back to praying, it’s a challenge to keep forgiving (in faith) when it’s so personal but I will not stop until I can honestly say I’ve forgiven. 🙂


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