SunScreen battle

When I was young, mid twenties I took my antibodics slathered on sunscreen and went out into the sun for a day of fun. šŸ˜¦

Ever since that day I’ve had a violent allergic reaction to sunscreen. One example is taking my sunscreened daughters hand and breaking out head to toe with what looked like a bad sunburn.Ā I can wear sunscreen in a dark house but the moment I step into the sun it looks and feels like I have a bad burn all over. Over the years I’ve stopped trying “NEW” stuff.

It’s been a problem since I live in East Texas so I wore light long sleeve shirts and lots of hats.

Two years ago I found Neutrogena Pure and free baby sunscreen. It didn’t have the normal list of active ingredents. I was desperate, (I don’t remember what we were doing outside.)

I tried it careful and didn’t break out so I took a chance and really used it. No break out!!! well the next year I couldn’t find it and just knew this was the last bottle I’d have so I’ve used it sparingly. Even knowing it looses a lot of effectiveness after a year. Well I went shopping with the bottle yesterday and WOW I was shocked, suprised and so excited. Almost every brand had a version. (There is also one with 3 main ingredients, I haven’t tried that one.)

The Neutrogena is now 2oz and almost 11 $ so I went through each tube and found Banana boat had a 4oz for almost 9 $. I used it very lightly about a quarter area and no effect so I put it on shoulders this morning and layed out 20 min. I’m so excited no rash!!! I can now start using sunscreen daily!

The two I’ve tried

TheĀ ingredientĀ that I want in my sunscreen are Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide nothing else in the activeĀ ingredients.

I saw one in almost every brand, pure, simple, or organic seemed to be the keyword to look for.


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