I’ve been writing and proofreading more than crafting this week. I’m supposed to be making the window purses for YuleCon. My daughter is going to have a booth.

Hubby and I went for a drive up into Mena AR Tue and it was wonderful. I’m thinking about working a trailer out of the pictures.
I’ve already put together two. The flower one I really like.
The second I think I’m going to have a friend do a voice over for. The words just don’t seem to work for me.

There were two paths I photographed for possible trailers.

It was perfect hoody weather.

I guess I should admit that the car we just bought might have been part of the reason for the trip. 🙂

I can just see a trailer from these pictures.

        He stormed down the path determined to find her no matter the cost. She would learn to never defy him again… Giggle


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