5D Embroidery Software

My new motto

This is my first embroidery from the 5D Embroidery software on Captain Jack (Baby Lock Ellure Plus Sewing Machine)

I’ve spent all week just making the Embroidery on the computer then erasing and making new ones. I finally found one I want to sew out. I’m going to try it next on one of my black tank tops I wear all the time. I’m not sure what colors I’ll be using. I want the face very bright but I want the words readable.

This will be worked into a purse at some point. I’m thinking of cutting it out in a soft rectangle and fraying the edges. I’ll probably sew it on the purse front with a pretty stitch in matching colors.

If you’ve been trying to post comments thanks. So far no one I’ve talked to has been able to. I’m going to work on moving this blog to my web page but I have to get some time with my son to do it. The Blogger posting problems been going on for years. I went back and did a bit of research when I couldn’t post easily on others sites.


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