Got my Postcards from the Lisa Vollrath swap.

Each Postcard is so different, The cats have bead eyes and a light netting over it. It was HAND sewn LOL mine were not. The second has such a nice edge and the weight is just perfect. The third glitters!!! and is so whimsical.

One card says 44Cents postage but my postal lady has taken mine for postcard rate again and again and they are a bit thicker. I use PellTex as the base.
All the backs are so professional. And that little tag!!! I just love it.
Thank you each!

I am sooooo excited. They are wonderful cards!!! Thank you so much ladies.

Dianne who made the kittys had this to say about her card:
About the kitty cat postcard . . . I wasn’t sure if I liked the netting covering it.  At first I was thinking it looked as though they were looking through a screen.  But then I thought the netting took away from the quilting.  The quilting is done with silk buttonhole twist.

My Grandson choose the kitty card as his favorite. 🙂


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