Scrap Monsters Post

Sat down at the sewing machine and picked up a piece of denim in the big scrap pile and saw the little guy in the front on the left. It just grew from there.

I can’t seem to sit down and watch tv instead I pick up more scrap and start looking for monsters in it.

I’ve been told I’m a little strange but each of these guys called to me from the scrap pile. LOL

I’ve given away a few but I think after I’ve collected about 30 I might start an etsy shop.

I’m amazed at how relaxing sewing these scrap monsters is.

I was trying to explain the process to my sister states away and just told her to pick up a scrap bigger than her hand. Then look at it turning it around until she saw a spot for a mouth and eyes. You just work out from there.
Happy Sewing



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