I enjoy new things.

My daughter left some empty crayon boxes on the island in my kitchen. I absconded with them.


I kept seeing really cute tag boxes for photos.



I think I’ve managed to make what i envisioned.


I made hubby take me shopping for some extra ribbon to finish the tails.


You pull the tags out then when you are done you pull the tails and reset the tags into the box.




A new book style

I was looking at suggested video’s and I found this

Mother’s Day Paper Bag Pocket Wallet Mini Album with Steff M


I stayed up way to late last night and then as soon as I had a moment today I started crafting.



Yes I make mistakes. Notice trees are upside down.


This is what the island look like when I finished the first one that took at least 3 hours.


Second book only took 1 hour.





New Business Cards


I’m a big fan of Shutterfly.com I’ve gotten a number of books made. I started from the year I got a digital camera. I have 2004-2008 at the moment. My husband mentioned he missed real photo’s so he gets them for presents.

Well they gave me a free deck of cards.

I really enjoy things that are a little different. If you haven’t visited my web site please do. I would love to hear from you.


New Books

So excited and inspired! I am making new books.


First on left all recycled. 


The inside has a planner and a pocket.

Yesterday I noticed Papercrafter 45 had a new post.

I’ve made 3 mini folios since last night.





Kings kid


London market


Quick Experiment


I purchased a huge dictionary at the library book sale. Here’s a new note book😁 I’ve never purposely pulled a book apart before.

What I did when I couldn’t sleep

I woke up worrying about a person I don’t even know. I prayed for her then went ahead and got up here’s what I did.


I find myself making small projects lately.

Packing tape transfer

How come I never heard of this? !

I was watching an Art Journal tutorial today and saw this Packing tape transfer method and had to share it.

Find a magazine and cut out a pretty picture. Grab the clear packing tape and cut a piece long enough to go the length (or width) lay it sticky side down on the table then cut another if you need the size carefully overlap with no mess up.

Take your picture facing business side down. Slowly lower the picture onto the tape and rube it smooth. I use the handle of my scissors or a bone folder to make sure everything is attached well and smoothly.

Lay the picture in water. I have some deep dishes and chose to use one.


Give it 15 min to 1/2 and hour if you want it easy if you are in a rush you can start quicker. turn the tape and paper and turn it to the back and start rubbing. The paper comes right off and your picture has transferred to the tape.





This is the result OH SO COOL!


I can’t believe how vivid the picture comes out.

Book of Thanks




Love my new Martha Stewart Frame punches!


Pages from a magazine just were right for this book.

I used the negative of my tags from my ScanNCut as a paper holder for move notes. The little Wasabi tape page is a handmade (store bought) paper.


I got excited when I ran across a bag of dollies.


Another Negative to hold a tag this time.


I watched a tutorial on stamping tissue paper and got so excited I started right away.


I’m probably not going to ModPodge a page of this bible again. I’m going to try to find the acrylic medium I’ve been told about. It has a clear envelope stuck to it for free tags. It just feels brittle.


Found the flower punchout paper today and it fixed the only page I didn’t like.

Oh and I love the clock junk mail I got and saved.


Belly Band! Love me my Martha Stewart punches. The hearts are Post its.



I was watching a EphemerasGarden video  interpretation of Ray Blake’s Midori Tutorial. Her Elastic Binding was so simple I thought I can do that! Here’s what I came up with.

It’s a book for posting little bits of happiness. Blessing, thanks, just good thoughts.  I’ve also been inspired by 365 days of Thanks.

I remember watching an art journal post where the woman writes private thoughts in her book then writes over it again and again to keep it private.

Wedding Scrapbook


I took the book wood for one of my planners and turned it sideways. I was in a desperate hurry because I’d had a surprise visit from my Awesome Grandson. I also used the little part that usually sits in the front of the book for the spine. I had not realized they were the same sign.


I tried to match the wedding invitation. I just realized I forgot to cut the snowflakes I meant to. I used the only cold weather paper I had. I think I used 6 12×12 sheets.

Each page is a regular sheet of cardstock trimmed long ways.


I drew this from the ribbon on the invitation and cut it out with the ScanNCut. I thought it would be on the cover but the names were too big for it to fit and I did not have time to cut them out again. Smile 

I won’t count on having no surprises again, lol but I had a great time putting this together while hubby worked in the yard.

Trying Cards again


I want to make cards to get rid of my book scraps.







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